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A vivarium is an enclosure purposed to keep animals under semi-natural conditions for observation, study or as pets. You can provide the enclosure or we can obtain one for you.  We curate the design based on its intended use and provide an in-house maintenance plan for you.

A terrarium is a transparent globe or other container in which plants are grown. They are most useful for small plants that do not adapt well to the normal home atmosphere. They can provide a novel way to grow and care for many plants, indoors, with minimal care. 

Interior Plantings

Interior planter boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Once you have chosen and obtained your planter box, we will curated an appealing design to match your personality and space. 


These enclosures are ideal for smaller reptiles and amphibians.  Whether large or small, we curate a sustainable habitat for your exotic pet. 


They help plants grow that would be difficult, ordinarily, due to dry air. They also provide a confined space for a mini-garden.


Turn your vivarium into an aqua-terrarium by adding a water feature. A waterfall or riverbank can add life to your enclosure. 

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